Start-Up Island- A weekend to remember.

This weekend FruitCubed was selected, along with 50 other Start-ups to head to Spike Island prison for a weekend of Start-Up school at its coldest, wettest and most stripped back.

Take 50 Start-ups, add in some of the world's best VC's, Angel's, Industry specialists and army personnel and what do you get- a weekend of inspiring conversation for thought, some serious life lessons and great fun.  

The weekend started when the 50 Start-ups boarded a fleet of boats headed to an island where the electricity was flickering, the heating was switched off and some of the greatest minds sat, ready to share their stories. 

The weekend was spent choosing areas of business which were most relevant to you at present and completing workshops in this area. The highlight of the entire weekend was definitely the outdoor persuits section where ex-army officers blindfolded 20 Start- Ups and made them complete a range of challenges to demonstrate how to find resources you never knew you had. 

For me, a lot of the weekend was spent pitching for a final spot in the Global Investor Challenge - which we got. Tomorrow night we will head to the Start Up Gathering Gala Dinner where we pitch for a prize of $50k. 


Breffney O Dowling Keane